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imageGOfermentor wins award for innovation

The GOfermentor brings 21st century technology to winemaking. This technology dramatically reduces the water usage. The GOfermentor provides better control of fermentation parameters, minimal exposure to air, and automated cap management, producing better extraction and color and ultimately better quality wine.

Guide to implementing the GOfermentor in your winery

GOfermentor was created by Meera and Vijay Singh. We started winemaking for ourselves and found the existing technology too tedious and environmentally unsound. Traditional winemaking is more janitorial work than wine making! You have to wash all the tanks before you start, then you clean all the equipment, then you have to wash the whole mess again when you are done. Punchdown is another tedious and dangerous process. The overwhelming amount of work led us to rethink the whole winemaking process, to optimize it so that it could be run by just the two of us. To our surprise, the new automated punchdown, build in press technology helped us extract better color and flavor. Our wines won awards, and others wanted to use the technology.

Dr Singh is a world-recognized biotech scientist, he developed the highly acclaimed Wave Bioreactor which revolutionized the production of biopharmaceuticals by using a disposable cultivation bag. He decided to apply his expertise in disposable processing to the key issues of winemaking. The patented GOfermentor and SmartBarrel wine aging/storage system was born out of this work.


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