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Dear Valued Customer,

We are excited to announce ACIC Cork and Closures. We can now offer even more to the fast growing beverage, wine and food markets of the 21 st Century.

The ACIC Cork and Closures product line includes Natural and Technical Corks,Sparkling Wine Corks, Bar Tops, Vinoseal Glass Closures, Polylam and Tin Capsules and Aluminum Screw Caps.Our intention is to improve the quality and customer service that you have come to expect.  Going forward, you'll receive invoices from ACIC. Please update your payment records to reflect our new name.

As part of ACIC, we will strive to provide an even better customer service experience. ACIC offers a wider array of products and increased emphasis on technical expertise and quality control.

ACIC Sales Team specialists:

  • Mr. Artur Podniesinski Director of Sales & Marketing apod@acicclosures.com | C 707.302.9570
  • Mr. Russell Warren California Sales rwarren@acicclosures.com | C 707.386.8363
  • Ms Heather Polick National Sale hpolick@acicclosures.com | C 707 880.6628
  • Mr. Armando Andrade aandrade@acicclosures.com | C 707 290.2671


If you have any questions, please contact us directly or through info@acicclosures.com . Thank you,



Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Operations Managerr Armando M. Andrade aandrade@acicclosures.com 707 290.2671
Director of Sales & Marketing Artur Podniesinski apod@acicclosures.com 707.302.9570
National Sales Heather Polick hpolick@acicclosures.com 707 880 6628
California Sales Russ Warren rwarren@acicclosures.com 707 386 8363

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
ACIC Cork & Closures 255 Lombard Blvd, American Canyon CA United States of America 94581

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