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Our Story

Who We Are: At AEA, we are an energetic, dedicated group of expert plant and soil professionals who embrace a philosophy of teamwork and openness. Since 2006, we’ve served over 2 million acres with AEA programs while working hand in hand with farmers in North America, producing healthier soil, stronger crops, and higher profits. 

How Our Company Started: In the early 2000s, John Kempf, working as a licensed pesticide applicator on his family farm, witnessed a 60% loss of the farm’s crops to disease and pests -- even the latest chemicals failed to help. John believed there must be a better way. Seeking out agricultural experts, researchers, and scholars as professional mentors, John eventually found himself in the unique position to assemble cutting-edge information that allowed him to develop a new set of methods, products, and solutions in the field of regenerative agriculture, helping to usher in a new paradigm in farming. Today, our team of 30 employees works to develop and manufacture high-quality regenerative agriculture products, provide cutting-edge knowledge and information about regenerative systems, and deliver products and information together in a cohesive system to customers all over North America. 

What We Do: AEA’s regenerative agriculture systems balance microbial, mineral, and mechanical inputs to consistently improve farm profitability by increasing fruit size, quality, and overall yield. We work with growers to create custom plant nutrition programs that will bring the kind of results that farmers are looking for. 

Bottom Line: Regenerative Agriculture, the foundation of AEA systems, helps farmers make more money with less risk while building healthy soil for the future.

Our Values

1. We create a bold vision for a global regenerative agriculture.

2. We help farmers make more money, with less risk.

3. We bring the fun and joy of creating life back to farming.

4. We address root causes instead of symptoms.

5. We are grateful to our team and customers and dedicated to helping them succeed.

6. We balance an intuitive connection to nature with data from the field.

7. We put people first.

8. We are curious, light-hearted, and open to new solutions.

9. We are always learning and communicating information clearly to create “A-HA!” moments.

10. We embrace failure and obstacles to find new ways of thinking.

Our 5 Why's

1. We believe in challenging the status quo to find more profitable and regenerative ways to grow crops.

2. We believe that healthy plants are resistant to pests and disease.

3. We believe that to grow healthy plants we must first think differently about agriculture—empowering life instead of suppressing life, REgeneration versus DEgeneration.

4. We believe that to change agriculture globally, we need to show growers they can make more money with regenerative agriculture systems.

5. We believe that we can change the lives of our customers, team members, and the world, by openly communicating powerful information, developing uniquely effective products, and fostering a connection between the farmer and the plants they grow.


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