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Raymond Pavitt established Astoria-Pacific, Inc., in 1990. Its headquarters is located in Clackamas, Oregon (a suburb of Portland). Astoria-Pacific is the sole manufacturer of the Astoria and Astoria 2 continuous flow analyzers.

Astoria-Pacific started small, with a few offerings in the horticultural market. Its primary product was a liquid rooting concentrate, Dip'N Grow, for woody plant propagation.

The company later expanded into the automated chemistry and analyzer business by buying back the manufacturing rights of the RFA(TM) 300, which Ray brought to market in the '80s while at ALPKEM.

Astoria-Pacific's Research and Development team updated the modules of the RFA and integrated them with our powerful FASPacII software platform, which gave rise to the Astoria and Astoria2 analyzers.

Today, Dip'N Grow and Astoria-Pacific have become successful individual entities, and Astoria-Pacific has grown significantly to offer a wide variety of automated wet chemistry analyzers--both segmented flow and discrete--for several markets.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products and support in the industry.


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VP of Sales and Technologies Brady Miller brady@astoria-pacific.com 800-536-3111

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Astoria-Pacific PO Box 830, Clackamas OR United States of America 97015-0830

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