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Supplier of premium French, Hungarian, Austrian and American oak barrels, casks and tanks from: Billon, Damy, Maury, Schneckenleitner, European Coopers Hungary and Master Coopers. Exclusive access to Canadell French Oak Alternatives. Italian concrete tanks from CLC Vasche, jarres from Vin et Terre, Opuses from Drunk Turtle, amphora from Artenova and stainless steel eggs from Egginox.

The Company Story:

Vincent Bouchard founded Bouchard Cooperages in 1979 on one basic principle:  to give Winemakers access to the finest custom-fabricated French oak barrels - in time for harvest and at minimal expense - year after year. 

Since then, there have been a lot of changes in the barrel business, and Bouchard Cooperages has been at the forefront of much of the innovation (studies on toast levels, forest origin, and the geography of stave aging, as well as the introduction of the silicone bung and the shrink-wrapping of barrels).  In 2009, we began experimenting on the true effect of atmospheric conditions on stave aging.  Our goal is to determine precisely when staves are ready for barrel fabrication, depending on specific geographic and climatic factors (a 3-year aged stave may not be ready if there was a drought for 2 of those 3 years).  Last year we also introduced the "electronic signature," effectively allowing our Winemakers to approve orders from their laptops or smart phones.  And this year, all of our Coopers began emailing their invoices in an effort to not only save paper, but to save our Customers time and money with accounts payable processing.

Through all of these changes, our core principle remains the same.  We pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with both our Winemakers and our Coopers.  We believe it is only through this on-going collaboration that we can help Winemakers to consistently realize their winemaking passion.

Simply said, we are forever committed to helping our Coopers craft a better barrel, and to helping our Winemakers craft a better wine.  Our team of Sales Consultants pride themselves on meeting with Winemakers, tasting through their wines, and helping them find the best match for a particular varietal, terroir, and individual winemaking style.

With over 30 years of experience and a global presence, we are also experts in logistics – from container consolidation to exchange rate fluctuation risk management - firmly committed to unparalleled customer service. 


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Founder, General Manager Vincent Bouchard offices@bouchardcooperages.com 707-257-3582
International Barrel Consultant Carrie Tides carrie@bouchardcooperages.com 707-695-8222
Oregon & New Zealand Sales Manager Roberta Manell-Montero rmm@bouchardcooperages.com 503-724-2744
International Oak Alternatives Consultant Sarah Lanzen sarah@bouchardcooperages.com 707-592-9961
Eastern Canada Barrel Consultant Mary Delaney mabourgogne@sympatico.ca 905-932-3942
Accounting Director Kris Conemac kris@bouchardcooperages.com 707-256-2812
International Logistics Rachel Bobbs rachel@bouchardcooperages.com 707-256-2813
Australia National Sales Representative and Intern Amber Glastonbury amber@bouchardcooperages.com
General Sales Paolo Bouchard paolo@bouchardcooperages.com 707-287-0727

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Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Bouchard Cooperages 860 Napa Valley Corporate Way Suite C, Napa CA United States of America 94558

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