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Producing 50 million labels of the highest quality every day requires excellence in our production. Our work ethic of seriousness, concreteness, solidity, rapidity in decision making, and flexibility, derive from the values of the founding Cillario family. To uphold the quality of our products, we have always invested in cutting-edge technologies, but above all we invest in our people. They are the ones who make every phase of the production process flawless thanks to their meticulous interaction with our presses. Their technical expertise leads the presses to become an extension of their craftmanship and creativity, leading to innovative, premium labels.


Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Sales Manager Dustin Mertens Dustin.Mertens@eurostampa.com (707) 927-4848
Sales Manager Guillaume Domange guillaume.domange@eurostampa.com (707) 927-4848

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Eurostampa 1315 Airport Blvd., Napa CA United States of America 94558

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