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Are Pest Birds Eating Your Grapes, Crops, and Seeds?

The Falcon FrightKite by Falcon Crop Protection is the safe, easy, cost-effective way to chase away pest birds and reduce damage to your crops.

FrightKites are easy to install, and pay for themselves in the first season in saved seeds, fruit, and crops. From the moment it takes flight, birds for acres around will flee in fear. With Falcon Kites, you’ll lose virtually none of your crops to hungry birds!

Check with your neighbors to see if they’re using Falcon Crop Protection and see how happy they are with our scare kites. With 95%-100% proven effectiveness, we’ll get birds out of the picture for you, too!



Are Birds Causing Problems in Your Winery Crush Pad?

Hot Foot Bird Repellents provides a variety of safe, effective, and environmentally friendly methods to get rid of pest birds, and keep them away for good. From easy do-it-yourself options like repellent gel and Hot Foot Bird Spikes to exclusion netting for crush pads, warehouses, tasting rooms and other areas.  Hot Foot America is one of the most reliable and effective suppliers in the United States and has been in business since 1977.


Plus, we help you at every step. During a free phone consultation, we can help you decide what bird deterrents will work best for your situation, help you plan and calculate your materials, and give you advice and tips about installing your deterrents. If needed, we can also help you find professional installers in your area who will make sure it's done right.


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