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Leading manufacturer of products for winemaking, including enological yeast and bacteria specifically selected to optimize fermentation and your wine style choices.


What sets us apart at Lallemand is our ongoing commitment to research and development and our ability to communicate this information to the oenology world.

In Toulouse, France, we have a team of researchers who conduct fermented beverage related research. We also have teams in Montreal who focus on new strain development, production procedures and more fundamental research. In addition to these in-house efforts, research programs, scientific papers and ongoing contacts link Lallemand with the most prestigious oenology laboratories in Europe, Australia, North America, South America and South Africa.

Use this section of the website to see what's new at Lallemand, discover interesting research, read helpful articles and hear the kinds of questions we are commonly asked.


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Area Manager Gordon Specht gspecht@lallemand.com 707-526-9809
Technical Support Shirley Molinari smolinari@lallemand.com 707-484-0919
Product Distribution Scott Laboratories info@scottlab.com 707-765-6666

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Lallemand Oenology PO Box 5512, Petaluma CA United States of America 94955

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