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M Fire Holdings is one of the world's leaders in early fire elimination science with accredited test results on lumber and wildfire fuels like dry annual vegetation and fir trees. The big difference is we are the leader using natural alternatives to flame retardants for wood and wild fire defense as a fire inhibitor. Our core ingredient is a food-approved substance that is safe and easy in handling and application. Our fire inhibitors are non toxic, fully biodegradable and it will promote plant health and growth while it prevents or inhibits flame ignition and combustibility on annual and perennial plants and trees.

M-Fire Holdings is an AIA (SEC) provider that continues to teach and technically support better sustainable ways to eliminate all fires faster using biodegradable safe chemistry especially now when prolonged smoke creates new human risk during our Covid-19 Lung Pandemic.

  • Patented Proactive WildFire Defense
  • Patented Fire Safe Mass Timber
  • Patented MFRT Class A Lumber
  • GreenCE-USGBC-AIA Course

Our UL GreenGuard Gold Environmentally Friendly Fire Inhibitors are not a Fire Retardant and we have proven that we shut active fires down in less time than water does. Our GPS tracked proactive wild fire sprayed breaks have proven that when its bone dry clinging to vegetation it interrupts the free radical chemical reactions during the combustion phase to limit a fires ability to advance and survive.


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