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PG&E PSPS Power Interruptions Are Inevitable This Fall.

In 2019, we experienced 7 ‘Public Safety Power Shutoffs’ (PSPS) events in Napa County, most frequently during critical Crush Operations.

Do you have your back-up Power Plan in Place?

At PSPS Power, we are committed to creating a personally tailored plan to help you keep the power on for all your critical business operations and your home.

Serving Napa, Sonoma and Solano counties.

Areas of Service

Mobile Generators

(20Kw to 2,000 Kw) positioned and wired on site this summer, ready to switch on at a moment’s notice.   Current planning delivers mobile stand-by generators On-Site by September 1st till the end of November with fire-season support and a reserve of replacement generators.  Multi-year and fuel contracts also available.

Installation of Permanent On-Site Generators

Many companies and homeowners have decided that they value the security of on-demand, stand-by power throughout the year.  PSPS Power can provide homeowners and businesses with a tailored and installed solution.  Note:  given County permitting lead times, the best strategy for the 2020 Fire Season is to implement a temporary power solution and concurrently plan for a permanent install. 

Conversion of Grid Connected Solar Systems to ‘Switch’ Off-Grid

Many residences and companies have existing Solar Systems that are ‘Grid-Connected’ — designed to sell power back to PG&E in the day time, but they don’t work when PG&E shuts off the power.  Paradoxically, you have a power plant on your roof, but it doesn’t help you when the power is off.

Installation of Battery Back-up for On/Off-Grid Solar Systems

The ideal system in our ‘new reality’ is to have your existing solar system provide power to your residence or business during the day time and draw on stored power from a battery bank in the evening or when PG&E shuts off the power. 

Installation of New ‘Smart Solar’ Systems Providing On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation

If you have thought about installing a Solar System, the best way to do that in today’s environment is to do so as a ‘hybrid’ system — having the ability to sell power back to PG&E during day-time normal operations, but having the ability to operate sustainably ‘Off-Grid’ when PG&E shuts off the power.


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