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We manufacture the most advanced wine barrel and picking bin washing systems in the world.

We have over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for your oak barrel and picking bin washing needs. Tom Beard Company is dedicated to providing cost effective, quality wine barrel and picking bin washing equipment for all vintners in the fine wine industry.

Our Mission
To manufacturing and providing the most advanced wine barrel and picking bin washing equipment and solutions in the world. To innovate and advance our designs to reduce water usage and minimize waste water generation.

Water Conservation - The Tom Beard barrel washing  and picking bin washing machines have been designed and refined to use the least amount of water to completely clean barrels. This innovation has happened as a direct result of working with our customers to refine the parameters. New retrofits are available to help reduce water use from 25% to 50%.


Waste Water Minimization - The Tom Beard washing machines are designed to use the least amount of water possible to completely wash and clean your barrel or bins. This minimizes the amount of waste water generated. Our systems can be delivered with a water recycling feature future reducing the waste water output.  


Uniform Cleaning Quality-  our unique rotating spray head delivers uniform cleaning quality.


Reduced Labor Cost- our fully automatic barrel washing systems save thousands of dollars and improve quality at the same time. Reduced cycle times of 2-5 min washing cycles greatly improve production speed.


Rugged Construction- All of our machines are constructed of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel and NEMA 4X (corrosion resistant) control box.

Low Maintenance- There is only 1 part to stock and replace, (it acts as two seals). The machines are virtually maintenance free.

We have set these design goals based on your High Standards for the Cleanest most cost effective barrel washing and bin washing systems available. Our Customers tell us We've Succeeded.

The Tom Beard Company -Barrel Washing Systems for Today's Fine Wine Vintners.

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2 barrel cabinet washer with autorotators



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