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A Variety of Unique Wine, Cider, and Spirits Competitions

Wine and Spirits Competitions Management & Productions presents ten uniquely different wine, spirits craft distilled spirits and ciders.  Each adult beverage competition is carefully designed to appeal to a niche market based on its regionality or style of judging. Judges are internationally renowned and respected experts.

Our mission? To provide a quality assessment of your wine, cider and spirits, and offer a unique selling proposition to promote your medal-winning product!



Contact List

Title Name Email Phone Extension
Debra Del Fiorentino debra@winecompetitions.com 415-604-6337
Trina Rushing trina@winecompetitions.com 415-306-3982

Location List

Locations Address State Country Zip Code
Wine & Spirit Competitions Management & Production Windsor, Windsor CA United States of America 95492

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